How I Decorate With Flowers

I’m not sure if I’m really qualified to write this post. Yes, I do dearly love flowers and love the way they look in my room. But do I really decorate with them? No.
When I heard of BloomNation, a flower delivery service that promotes local florists, I thought that I’d share my opinion on decorating with flowers. I love the idea of having beautiful blooms delivered straight to my door, as I’m often very busy and don’t have time to go out and buy them.

 In the summer, the flowers I had mainly consisted of the wildflowers in my backyard. I’d simply trim them and put them in a jar with a little bit of ribbon on it, which I think is really cute. Sometimes I’d colour coordinate the flowers that I picked, but there really was no rhyme or reason to them.

And maybe that’s because of who I am. Maybe that’s because I see flowers as something wild and free. Do I think that carefully arranged and handpicked bouquets are bad? I most certainly do not. I think that they can be beautiful and creative. But for me, they simply aren’t a necessity. I think that flowers in any form are beautiful, and they all have a place in my house. I’m I getting to deep with this? Probably. But is that going to stop me? No.

Unfortunately, I simply cannot let flowers have free reign over my house for one simple reason: I have a cat. And more than anything, I want to make sure my cat stays healthy. How I fix this, though, is by keeping flowers out of his reach (and let me tell you, there aren’t very many places that are out of his reach), or by putting them in cute little cages like the one pictured above.
If you’d like to find out how to make your flowers last longer, this post is really helpful!

12 thoughts on “How I Decorate With Flowers

  1. Those look gorgeous! I have the same problem. I'd love to have flowers all over my apartment but there are two cats here, and both of them just LOVE eating plants. And I definitely don't want them to get sick, so…I mostly do without. ): Great post!


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