Spreading Positivity Online

It’s so much easier to be rude to someone online, when you don’t have to talk to them face to face. I’m not here today to talk about cyberbulling, which is definitely and issue, but not one that I see a lot of. I’m here today to try to encourage ever single one of you to go out of your way to try and be nice to at least one other person online today.
I know that I’m not perfect when it comes to this. I know that there is always more that I can do. But I do want to try and build a little community of positivity around this blog. That’s one of the reasons that it’s here.

You Don’t Have to Post if You’re Feeling Down
There are a lot of people out there that will accuse bloggers and YouTubers of being fake and not showing what life actually looks like. While I do agree with this, I’m not going to start posting about all of my bad days on this blog. I read this quote by the YouTuber AmazingPhil a little while ago and thought that it was really important, so I thought I’d share it with you guys:

“I am human and I do have my bad days, but I wouldn’t make a video about it. I see my channel as something that’s hopefully going to improve someone’s day! YouTube is a lot of people’s nice fun escape from life so I want to make my channel as enjoyable as possible. If I’m having a terrible week I’ll just switch off the camera and come back to it when I’m feeling recharged and happy!” -Phil Lester

This blog is supposed to be a place that people can come when they’re feeling down to cheer them up. I’m not sure if that’s the case quite yet, but I would love for it to be one day.

Do Something For Someone Else
Leave a meaningful comment on someone’s blog. Send them an Email to say hello and tell them how they’ve inspired you. Start to make some Internet friends (staying safe, of course!). This is something that I’d like to do more of, because I’d love to get to know all of you better. I’m always a little scared to reach out to someone, but it’s something that I’d like to get better at.

I’m not sure where this post is going, but I wanted to tell you to be kind. I haven’t seen very many people being very rude, but there’s always something that we can do to make someone’s day a little better.

And I want you guys to know that each and every one of you can always come to me if you need to talk to someone. If you’ve had a bad day and need to vent or if you have a problem that you need to solve, you can always talk to me. I may not always be able to help, but I will ALWAYS listen to you.


32 thoughts on “Spreading Positivity Online

  1. Well said. People come and read/watch something to have fun, relax. I dislike haters, constructive criticism is OK – but not if a person does nothing except criticism even if constructive ;D


  2. This is such a sweet post with such important and meaningful word. Really well said. If people would just be kind to each other the world would be a better place.
    Hope you are having a beautiful weekend.
    Much love,


  3. This is such a thoughtful post and something that needs to be addressed, as people seem to be mean to others just because it's not face to face…communication still works in the same way and many people don't like to acknowledge it..

    Pop over to my blog!



  4. Your blog actually does cheer me up! I get such good positive and happy vibes from it! I love literally everything you post! Keep it up and I love the message from this post! x

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com


  5. This is so true. It's so easy to forget that there's a human on the other side of the screen. People can definitely be vicious. And a lot of time they are things you'd never ever see someone saying to anyone's face. Good post on this topic! Spreading the love…

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com


  6. Love this! I think it's so important to spread this message. Online bullying has become such a big issue lately, and I think it's so sad to see how many people are affected by it. Love how you're always so happy and positive with your posts 🙂


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