June Favourites

I’m sorry for being completely absent here on my blog in June! I’m happy to say that I’m officially on holidays now, and I’m planning on breathing some life into my little old blog. This post is kind of tiny, because I was crazy busy studying and didn’t have time to go out and get many new things this month.

Beauty Favourites
Let me start off by saying that this post was in no way sponsored by Marcelle! As I said earlier, I had almost no time to go out this month, and one of the only times I did was by a Marcelle stand. Getting that out of the way, I think that this is such a perfect little palette! It would be perfect for traveling, and has all that you need for a basic eyeshadow look. I’ve been really loving peach and coral shades lately, so I’ve been using this palette almost every day. The formula is also perfect, it feels like velvet and blend wonderfully.
Marcelle Rouge Vitality Lipstick in Frivolous Pink
This is a gorgeous neutral-ish lipstick.  I love the deep, almost, almost rose-like tone it has while staying neutral and making sure it’s not too overpowering. The formula works nicely and doesn’t dry out my lips.
Marcelle Waterproof Lip Definition Crayon in Pebble
I don’t use lipliners very often, but I thought I’d pick up one to match the above lipstick. I don’t have much to say about this, it does it’s job and I love the shade.
OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Surge Deep Treatment
I think that I’m in love with this hair mask, it makes my hair feel like a cloud! It as soon as I wash this off I can feel the difference in my hair. I didn’t expect much from this, so it was a wonderful surprise!
Beauty Favourites Swatches

I’m sorry that the eyeshadow shades don’t show up that well! Also, the lipstick and lipliner match a whole lot better when they’re actually on my lips.

Favourites: To Watch
Death Note (the anime)
I’ve been wanting to start watching anime, so I thought that I’d start with one that seems fairly well-known and popular. I’m really enjoying it so far, but I’m only a few episodes in and I’m sure that I lot of you have watched it, so please don’t spoil it for me! For those of you who haven’t watched it, I’ll give you a very simple summary. When a notebook from another world, a “Death Note”, falls into the human world, it is picked up by a brilliant high school student named Light. After realizing what it can do, he starts killing off criminals to make what he thinks is a “better” world. The only person who has a chance of figuring out who he really is is a mysterious detective called L. Who will find out the others identity first?

La Belle et La Bete 1946

I recently went to see this in one of my favourite old theaters, and I think that this is the film of my dreams. I watched it a few years ago, but I forgot how magical it really is. To me, everything sound more magical in French and looks more magical in black and white. It’s more of a traditional retelling of Beauty and the Beast, without the magical characters that live in the castle that are so familiar in the Disney version. To me, this is so much more “realistic” than the Disney one. There are no characters without flaws, just like there would be in real life. And it seems to much darker, not the light-hearted musical classic that we all know and love. Quite frankly, I’m absolutely smitten with this movie. I definitely would recommend it if you’re looking for a magical old movie!

Have you tried any of these? What did you love in June?


**The Bunny = cruelty free beauty products**

24 thoughts on “June Favourites

  1. I have friends who really love Death Note, so it's great that you're getting into it too. What other animes do you plan to try? x


  2. Thank you Sanjana! I have a whole list, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. I'm really enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal, though ♥


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