July’s Ask The Blogger: Randi Butler from Milk & Twee

Hello everyone! I’m here today with July’s Ask The Blogger, this time with the amazing Randi Butler from Milk & Twee. If you don’t know what Ask The Blogger is, it’s a monthly series where you guys send in questions for a blogger and I compile them all into one big post. I’m very excited for todays interview, as Randi has been a huge inspiration to me.

 1. Hi Randi! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
Hey everyone thank you so much for reading! Well I’m Randi Butler. I’m an artist/musician/creative from Poughkeepsie, New York and I’m a little obsessed with fashion. I created Milk & Twee as an outlet for my love of adorable, vintage-inspired fashion from various decades and it’s slowly turning into something much more than that.

2. How long have you been blogging?
Milk & Twee is almost a year old now! I’ve run different kinds of blogs on and off since 2009, but they usually don’t last more than a few months of casual updates. 

 3. What inspired you to blog to begin with? 
At the time I really was in love with vintage/pin-up/rockabilly fashion but it was rare to see any non-white fashion bloggers especially in this niche community. Also many bloggers, especially the bigger ones in more trendy fashion kept up a veil of perfection. A wall in which they didn’t actually engage with their audience’s level, but instead positioned themselves on one above them. There’s this expectation to appear flawless and envious on social media. The lives some of these girls appear to lead are thanks to things as big as coming from a well-off family to photoshop. The ones that weren’t born into it don’t show the hard-work that goes into it because it’s not glamorous. They don’t explain all the times they’ve been rejected, let down or screwed over in collaborations. They ignore the questions from younger girls on how they can do what they’re doing. Then there’s the blogger-related drama. I’m all for privacy…I’m a very private person, and nobody is obligated to be a role model or help but the fact of the matter is it’s easy to feel like a celebrity on social media. I think some people believe they’re too good to engage. I wanted more relatable bloggers, who couldn’t afford all the trends but made their own great looks and actually talked personally to their audience. There’s been a resurgence of those who want to see people like themselves to look up to instead of Kardashian-tier, bought glamour. 

 4. What do you love most about blogging? 
The fact that by just being myself, I’ve inspired some girls to go out of their comfort zone and explore/wear the things they love. I had a few message me that and it made this all worth it because I used to be one of those girls admiring pretty outfit posts, wondering how I could achieve such a cool look. I’ve gotten to interact with so many awesome, strong people in the blogging/indie fashion community. Way more than the opposite. Also the free swag isn’t a pretty bad deal! 

5. Do you have any advice for newbie bloggers?
Just go for it and do it. That’s 95% of it. Pick your platform, create your blog, and start posting and post consistently! Your audience will come in time, and you’ll learn better ways to steer your blog in the direction you want. From content to branding. You can’t know everything before you start because most of it you find out from experience. And you won’t stick with it unless you’re passionate about what you’re blogging for.

 6. What first got you interested in vintage fashion?
I was a little bit of a tomboy as a kid, and for years felt very uncomfortable in dresses and skirts. However I always admired them and super feminine things, Ruffles, lace, florals, soft colors.The moment I was old enough to pick out my own clothes at the store was a field day for me. Back to school shopping was the highlight of the year & I’d even make notes ahead of time to plan my style for that year. I’m definitely an old soul, I grew up on 50s-60s music and loved the history of that time period. My first vintage foray though was victorian-inspired! The themes were popular in trends at the time & I had just finished doing a report on Oscar Wilde. I discovered Lolita, a Japanese fashion subculture influenced by Rococo & Victorian periods & fell in love. 

 7. What is your least favourite part in the make-up process? What is your favourite? 
My least favorite is putting on foundation, brows and doing my eyeliner. I just generally dislike the feel of foundation and doing liquid eyeliner wings/brows create so much anxiety haha. My favorite is blending my eyeshadow since it’s a lot like painting (which I love to do). I also love doing my lips, which I save for last since they can really make the look!

Quick Questions:

1. Fashion or make-up?


2. Beach or pool? 
Pool for swimming, beach for relaxing with friends. I only just learned how to swim this summer.

3. What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
White chocolate Toblerone!!! OR the white chocolate Nestle crunch bar but they don’t make them anymore. Hershey’s cookies & cream suffices as well. 

 4. Books or films?
Films. Cinema brings together all the things I love: visual image, fashion style, music, and writing!

5. What is your favroite color of dress? 
On me? Probably blue, red, or yellow. Light pink anything will always have a place in my heart though!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the interview! Do check out Randi’s blog if you haven’t already, you’ll definitely leave feeling inspired ♥



37 thoughts on “July’s Ask The Blogger: Randi Butler from Milk & Twee

  1. She's absolutely gorgeous! I love her style so much. This was an excellent feature, I followed her blog immediately. <3



  2. Randi's style is spectacular! I kind of want to raid her wardrobe….

    This was a lovely post, Amy! I really enjoyed reading it and rest assured I WILL be visiting Randi's blog!


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