Soft Pinks | #glossierpink

I know I’ve already made a ton of posts focusing on pink beauty products, but when Glossier inspired me to make a post based on a pink colour scheme, I knew that I’d have to, because honestly, I can’t get enough of that colour.

I know this post has more of a Valentines aesthetic than an early August one,  but quite honestly, I don’t care. Valentines day has some of my favourite decorations, and I usually end up using them throughout the whole year.

In this post, I thought that I’d share some of my favourite subtle pink makeup favourites. Bright, Barbie pinks are all well and good, but most days, I’m more into softer pink tones.

This is one of my favourite bases for eyeshadow. The light, creamy pink brightens up my eye, and the cream formula works as a sort of primer for days when I don’t really want to prime my eyes. I love how easy this is to work with.

If you’ve read this blog before, I’m sure that you know that I’m absolutely obsessed with glitter. I love this roll-on glitter because it works so well over other eyeshadows. It doesn’t mess up your base colour, because it doesn’t have a base itself, only glitter. It’s also quite buildable.

I’ve obsessed over this gloss before, but I absolutely love it! It’s a perfect subtle pink, and works wonderfully for when I want a more natural lip look.
Marcelle Rouge Vitality Lipstick in Frivolous Pink
This lipstick is an absolutely beautiful nude rose. I’ve always love rose-toned lipstick, and this is the perfect nude pink lipstick for me. The formula is also very light and weightless.

I absolutely love pastel pink polishes, they’re my go-to nail shade. This is one that I reach for quite often, I love the subtle shimmer in it.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Glossier’s beauty products! They don’t ship to Canada yet, but all of their packaging is so cute and I’ve heard lovely things about their products, so I can’t wait until they do!

What are your favourite pink products?


**The Bunny = cruelty free beauty products**

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