The Importance of Setting Goals and How to Stick to Them

There are many different types of goals, too many to ever fit into one post. However, today I’m talking about the types of goals you set yourself that you try to do something every day. For example, telling yourself that you’ll read a certain amount of pages from a book every day, or that you’ll go for a walk every day. I always set myself too many goals and never stick to them, so this post is as much for me as to share the tips that work for me with you guys!

Why set goals?

1. You can improve so much faster than you’d think
Doing something every day can make such a huge improvement, honestly. When you look back at where you were and how far you’ve come in only a week or a month, you’ll be amazed!
2. Making a visible improvement makes you feel great
Like I said before, doing something every day can make such a big difference. Looking at how far you’ve come is a huge confidence booster.

How to stick to goals

1. Make them doable
Instead of making a goal like “this month, I will do the splits” say “this month, I will stretch every day”. Instead of trying to do a specific thing, focus on the steps.
2. Write them down
Having what you need/want to do all sitting on a piece of paper in front of you makes it so much easier to deal with it. Having goals lying clearly in front of Β me makes me feel so much less stressed. I’ve started bullet journaling this week usingΒ this video by Doddlevloggle, and it’s been working really well so far!
3. Reward yourself
Giving myself a little treat after completing, say, a weekly goal motivates me to stick to it. Even just taking time to do something like go watch a movie can motivate you to do a little to reach your goal every day.
4. Be firm, but kind to yourself
You can only do as much as you can.
Say your goal is to write something every day. If you’ve already had a really long day and you’re just too tired to do any more. It’s okay to take a day off, or to just do a really small piece of writing.
However, if you just don’t feel like writing that day, it’s important to write something even if it’s quite small. The harder you work, the better the results!
5. Cute stationary
Okay, hear me out on this one. Honestly, when I have a little journal or notepad Β that makes me smile to look at, it makes me want to look at my to-do list more than a plain journal or piece of paper would.

If you have any tips for sticking to goals, please let me know!


26 thoughts on “The Importance of Setting Goals and How to Stick to Them

  1. Being kind to myself is so important for me to balance alongside goals. I frequently find myself like 'Okay, I have 30 goals and 24 hours…' not possible. Great reminder to keep some balance in your goal setting!
    I also totally agree with the last point, you'd think cute stationery shouldn't make any difference – but it makes things so much more fun and pleasant to come back to!
    I find doing a review at the end of each week helps me to keep on track of my goals as well πŸ™‚

    Nicky xx |


  2. In order to complete my goals, I have to be in the right mindset, and writing them down and having cute stationary really helps me. Also, you watch Dodie? I love her so much!

    Bridgette| A Bit of This and That


  3. The cute stationary always helps πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing these tips! Another tip which I do often is to meditate in the morning. I usually do meditative breathing for 10 mins and then do this 5 minute brain exercise to stimulate my brain so I don't waste a day being unproductive!

    x Nicole α΅”α΄₯α΅” | Florrall


  4. Number five is so true! I used to write my goals down in a plain black notebook in black pen. When that one was full I bought a white one with the alphabet in different fonts on the cover and use colored pens to write in it.
    I also keep a list of goals I have achieved already, to keep me motivated. It works very well for me πŸ™‚

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


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