Early Autumn Makeup

I love almost everything about autumn. I love the weather, I love the clothing. And, most importantly to this post, I love the makeup shades. I know that most people think of dark, berry-toned lips, but I love gilded and bronzed eyes, and natural nude lips. Ideally, I think that my goal for autumnal makeup is to look like a forest fairy. To be honest, that’s my makeup goal for most of the year.

As I’m sure you all know by now, I love a good seasonal post, so I thought that I’d share a little round up of some of my favourite makeup to wear in early autumn. As I said before, I think that the season calls for golds, bronzes, and browns.

elf Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Soiree
Purple makes my green eyes look more green, so this is one of the eyeshadows I’ve been reaching for lately. I like how this isn’t too overpowering and bright of a purple, and how buildable it it.
elf Smudge Pot in Brownie Points
This is a beautiful mix of a dark brown and a bronze. I generally don’t wear dark eyeshadow, but as autumn is coming and because this may be one of my favourite shades I own, I’ll make an exception. (It’s also worth noting that this isn’t an extremely dark shade, it’s just darker than most eyeshadows I own)
♥      Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Breaking Bronze
I love a good gold/bronze eye. This shadow looks different in different lights, sometimes gold, sometimes bronze, sometimes a sort of burnt orange. It also has really nice pigmentation, being a loose pigment and all, and I love anything that makes my eyes sparkle.
NYX Collection Chocolate Glossy Brown Liner
(I forgot to put this in this photo lol)
It may just be me, but I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner in summer. For the sake of making my routine quicker and lighter, it’s one of the steps I sacrifice. I like wearing eyeliner in autumn and winter, however, so I like to ease myself back into it using a brown eyeliner.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue in Nude
This is more pricey than the makeup that I usually buy, but I absolutely love it. It looks almost like a lip gloss when it’s on my lips, but it’s much easier to use and not as sticky. It leaves my lips soft and moisturized, and the packaging is some of that cutest I’ve ever seen.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm
I’ve finally tried one of these. I wasn’t sure if they would be as good as everyone says they are, but I really like this one! First off, something that I hadn’t read in reviews (probably because it’s not important) is how wonderful it smells. I love how soft it feels on my lips, and we all know how much I love a good nude lip.

What is your favourite makeup for autumn? I would love to know!
**The Bunny = cruelty free beauty products**

22 thoughts on “Early Autumn Makeup

  1. Thank you Lexie! I thought I read that NYX recently opened a few stores in the UK, but I guess I was wrong. There's lots of UK makeup that I'd like to try that isn't available in Canada, so I totally understand ♥


  2. I haven't tried one of their nail polishes, but I would like to! I've always liked autumn and I'm not sure why; I guess it's different for everyone ♥


  3. If Autumnal makeup means very dark shades, then I am all for it! I've been ready for Autumn since I started wearing makeup! Hahaha! The Elf pots are great when you want to look nice but you're on the run hahaha <3

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H


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