Recent Reads Part 2

After myΒ first recent reads post, I realized that it’s something I wanted to post about more often. I’m not very good at reviewing books, but I love to share with you guys what I’m reading. I read so much and so often, it seems strange that I don’t talk about books more on my blog!

Okay, I know that this book has a lot of mixed reviews, so I won’t talk about it in too much detail. I will say this though: I thought the plot was quite weak. I won’t spoil it for any of you, but I did find it highly unrealistic. I loved Scorpius’ character and I loved how Draco’s character grew, but I thought that most of the other characters weren’t quite right. I did love the relationship between Albus and Scorpius, though. I would love to see the play, though, I heard that the special effects were amazing! If only I didn’t live so far away.

As I’ve said before, children’s books often don’t get enough credit. Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres, and I especially like ones that take place in the 20s. I thought that this was a more accurate representation of the time period than some other books I’ve read.
Twelve year old Martha has just started working as a maid in the luxurious New York Sewell mansion. But she soon starts to get the feeling that something isn’t right with Rose, the lady of the house who is confined to her bedroom. Martha is determined to get to the bottom of the mysteries taking place in this secretive house.

This is another children’s book that I think is wonderful for people of all ages. It discusses the importance of time, and the importance of listening.
When the gray men come to Momo’s town, everyone’s lives become strictly efficient, with no time to spare. The only one unaffected by this change is Momo, a child with the gift of listening. Can she get the townspeople’s time back before it’s too late?

As I said before, I love a good historical fiction novel, and this one, a story about Queen Victoria’s maid, is one of my favourites. When Liza’s parents are killed in a carriage accident, all her dreams of her debut are dashed and she must go to work as a lady’s maid. As she starts work for the Princess Victoria, she discovers that there is more treachery at Kensington Palace that meets the eye, and she must decide where her loyalties lie.

Have you read any of these books? What are your favourite recent reads?

29 thoughts on “Recent Reads Part 2

  1. I found the 7th part of Harry Potter disappointing (being a huge fan of 1-6 books), as if J. Rowling has written it together with someone else! Or wrote only bits of it. I'd read the Cursed Child hoping it reads like 1-6 part, not the 7th πŸ˜‰


  2. I haven't read the Cursed child just yet in fact I've just re-started reading the whole series. It's honestly the perfect read for the fall~ Momo sounds like such an adorable and sentimental read—I'll have to check it out! Lovely post as always, Amy <3 <3 <3
    She Will Be


  3. Thank you so much Sylvia! I love the Harry Potter series, I think that it's perfect for fall as well. And I would totally recommend Momo, I hope that you like it if you end up reading it! β™₯


  4. I absolutely loved it. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it as much! I suppose I was just super hungry for anything Harry Potter that diving into the world again was good enough. I do agree that the plot style is pretty common in this day and age and a tad predictable. I also thought some characters weren't done justice. Ron for example. But on the plus side, Draco's character was one of the things that made me just close the book for a second and hug it before continuing again. And Scorpius was just so adorable. πŸ˜€

    Skylar | Skywriting


  5. I've been putting off reading Cursed Child because I'm almost sure I won't like it. I'm with you on children's books not getting enough credit–at least half of my all-time favorites are kids' books. Lately I've been reading a bunch of mysteries, and some of my favorites are by Tana French.


  6. I was never an HP fan growing up so I kind of missed all the fun. But I would really like to start reading all the books and watching all the films soon! I still have a few weeks of summer holidays so I will try to read the first book πŸ™‚

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


  7. I watched the play before reading the script and GUYS. It's AMAZING. The script doesn't (and can't) include everything that the actors do on stage to bring these characters to life. It's much clearer, much funnier, much more poignant. There are pauses and moments of silence that give a whole new meaning to lines that just look blank and boring on the page…

    Yeah, the plot is a bit weak. But honestly, everything else about the show is just utterly fabulous. <3

    I've added the other books from your list to my reading list too! πŸ™‚ I love me a bit of historical fiction. xx

    Little Miss Katy


  8. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the play, I want to see it so badly! That's the magic of acting I suppose, it's all up to the actors to make a show amazing.

    I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do! Thank you for your comment Katy β™₯


  9. I totally agree with you about children's books! There are so many good ones and I have no shame in reading them. Also, I really need to read Cursed Child. I am trying to finish rereading the original series though.


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