February Favourites 2017

Even though February is only a few days shorter than the other months, it always feels so short! The fact that we’re already three months into 2017 is crazy to me; it feels like New Years was only yesterday. This month flew by so fast that I don’t have too many favourites, but I thought that I’d share the things that I really loved anyways.
Essence is one of my favourite brands. Not only are they cruelty free and good quality, but they often cost very little! I’ve been using this mascara lately, and it makes my lashes look so big and full. I haven’t tested how waterproof it is yet, but it doesn’t seem to flake, which I really like. I’m still on the lookout for an amazing cruelty free mascara, but this is one of the best ones that I’ve tried so far!
elf Eye Pimer and Liner Sealer
I know that I already raved about this in my Current Cruelty-Free Favourites post, but I wanted to talk about it again here, because it’s one of my favourite products that I’ve used this month.
I haven’t tried the liner sealer yet, so I can’t really talk about it, but I love the idea of it! I’ve been using the primer a lot, though, and I absolutely love it. The texture works really well, and helps my eye shadow to look more pigmented and to last all day. It’s thicker than most primers I’ve tried before, which works a lot better. This is my favourite eye primer that I’ve tried yet!

Twinings Green Tea

I’ve drunk green tea almost every day this month. I used to not care for green tea because I thought that it was too bitter; know I know that you’re supposed to wait until the water has cooled to 80 degrees Celsius before you steep your tea so that it doesn’t get too bitter! Apparently green tea has a lot of health benefits, and it always makes me feel more awake.


This show centers around the characters of the Archie comics… except it’s a little darker than the original comics! It focuses on the murder of Jason Blossom, and the race to figure out who actually killed him.
First off, let me just say that this show is WAY over the top. It’s so over dramatic, I find it quite funny. Hopefully it’s supposed to be that way?Β Even though this show is extremely cheesy, way too dramatic, and everyone looks a little like a plastic barbie doll, I still enjoy it. It’s kind of my Friday afternoon ritual (the new episodes go up on Netflix on Friday) to watch it on my couch with some popcorn, as a way to prepare for the weekend. I also love this show’s aesthetic, and the vibe it gives off.

Have you tried any of these? What have you been loving this month?

26 thoughts on “February Favourites 2017

  1. I keep seeing you post about Elf but I haven't gotten around to ordering anything yet! Also I don't like green tea that much but I'm getting into it xx

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com


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