New Beginnings

It’s finally here! The new version of my blog that I’ve been thinking about creating for ages is finally up and ready to go. I’m still not 100% happy with everything, mainly the design, but I thought that it was time to start it up anyways.

New Beginnings

So, what’s with the new name?

I was a more than a little tired of the old name, Little Moon Dragon, and thought that it was high time for a change. The new name, A Habit Of Solitude, is a quote from the book Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce:Β β€œA habit of solitude in early childhood is not easily broken. Indeed, it may prove lifelong.” That book was really important to me when I was little, and I like feeling of the new name!

What’s going to change?

Not much! I’ll try to post a little more frequently, but I make no guarantees. The type of content will remain the same, though!

I really hope that you like the new look, and that you’ll enjoy the future posts!


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