Visual Inspiration // Harry Potter // The Serpent

I always love making my visual inspiration posts, so I thought that it might be fun to make a series of them themed specifically around the Harry Potter houses! Of course I had to start with my house, Slytherin. I’ve been really loving the old-fashioned, creepy vibe that can represent Slytherin, so I thought that I could share some of it with you!

Visual Inspiration Harry Potter The Serpent


collage 1

x / x / x / x

collage 2

x / x / x / x

collage 4

x / x / x / x

collage 5

x / x / x

collage 3

x / x / x / x

As always, these images were all taken from Pinterest. Be sure to follow me there if you want to see more like this- I even have a Slytherin board, where these all came from!

What’s your Hogwarts house?

12 thoughts on “Visual Inspiration // Harry Potter // The Serpent

  1. *cough* Ravenclaw rules *cough*

    hehe, I love your Slytherin boards though! The picks are gorgeous. Now I feel like I have to make a Ravenclaw board, just to keep up haha. Problem is, I’m absolutely horrible with boards.

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH


  2. This visual inspiration post is so amazing. I’m not great at organizing + putting photos together (main reason why I never took up actual scrapbooking) but I’m impressed when I see the work of those who can.
    Gryffindor for the win!


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