Visual Inspiration // Harry Potter // The Serpent

I always love making my visual inspiration posts, so I thought that it might be fun to make a series of them themed specifically around the Harry Potter houses! Of course I had to start with my house, Slytherin. I’ve been really loving the old-fashioned, creepy vibe that can represent Slytherin, so I thought that I could share some of it with you!

Visual Inspiration Harry Potter The Serpent


collage 1

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(A Very Pink) Current Cruelty Free Favourites

I assure you, the pink theme was unintentional, but I’m not complaining! It must go to show how much I love the colour if all of my current favourites match it. I haven’t been trying a whole lot of new things lately, but what I have I’ve loved, so I thought it might be fun to share them!

Current Cruelty Free Faves 1

Current Cruelty Free Faves 2

Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Dreaming of Love?

I think that this shade is something between raspberry and rose- and when I’m wearing it, I can’t stop looking at it! I also really like the formula.

Cake Beauty Delectable Strawberry & Cream Body Lotion

This smells absolutely amazing- just like strawberry shortcake! I also love how light and moisturizing it is- it’s not as heavy duty as a body butter, but it definitely does the job.

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Cruely-Free Nail Picks

Having freshly painted nails always makes me feel a little more ready to take on the day! I’ve been trying to put a little more effort into my nail care lately, and I know that it can be difficult to find cruelty-free nail products, so I thought that I could share some of the ones that I’ve been using lately.

Cruelty Free Nail Picks 1

Nail Care

Cruelty Free Nail Picks 2

The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Varnish Remover

I love that this nail polish remover seems to moisturize my cuticles while still removing my old nail polish!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I always keep this by my bed, and it does a good job of keeping my cuticles healthy.

The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil Pen

This is what I pull out when I need something a little more heavy-duty for my cuticles! It is extremely moisturizing, and good to use when I’m watching TV or a movie.

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6 Classic Movies To Watch This Summer

As some of your may know, I absolutely adore classic movies. I grew up watching them, and I’ve loved them ever since. That being said, I thought that I’d share with you some of my favourite classic movies for summer. It was a challenge to narrow it down to six! If you’re new to watching classics, I hope that this can give you a bit of an idea of where to start.

Talk of The Town

1.Talk of the Town (1942)

The Story: Nora Shelly, a schoolteacher, finds herself in the middle of a manhunt when her former childhood friend and escaped convict Leopold Dilg, shows up to her house one night in the rain with a bad limp and the police chasing him. Due to a miscommunication, Michael Lightcap, a Harvard law professor and Nora’s new tenant for the summer, arrives a night early and the same night as Leopold. Convinced of Leopold’s innocence, Nora tries to keep him hidden and out of harms way.

Watch When: You’re in need of a laugh, and some witty 40’s humor!

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Recent Reads Part 1

I don’t talk about it a lot on my blog, but I am a total bookworm. Growing up, books were something of great value in my household, and almost weekly we would all trek to our local library, and when we got home, we would try and find a spot in our overflowing bookshelves to fit in our borrowed books. I almost always have a book on the go, and consistently find comfort in their black-and-white pages.
Since I’ve been on summer vacation, I’ve been reading quite a lot lately, so I thought that I’d share with you my five favourite books that I’ve read recently. Just to let you know, none of these books are particularly happy. In fact, the majority of them are quite sad.

I decided that this was the summer that I needed to read more classics, and this is the one I decided to start with. This book gave me more insight into what the American South was like in the 1930s, something that I’ve never really had any reason to learn about before, being Canadian and all. What I did not expect was for this book to be written in the point of view of a child. As smart as children can be, the world is still seen differently from their eyes. Children are born without prejudice, and the way that they are raised has the potential to shape their whole lives. To see the world from the eyes of a child who doesn’t quite understand the complication, hatred, and bias of the world they live in gives this book a unique feel.
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July’s Ask The Blogger: Randi Butler from Milk & Twee

Hello everyone! I’m here today with July’s Ask The Blogger, this time with the amazing Randi Butler from Milk & Twee. If you don’t know what Ask The Blogger is, it’s a monthly series where you guys send in questions for a blogger and I compile them all into one big post. I’m very excited for todays interview, as Randi has been a huge inspiration to me.

 1. Hi Randi! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
Hey everyone thank you so much for reading! Well I’m Randi Butler. I’m an artist/musician/creative from Poughkeepsie, New York and I’m a little obsessed with fashion. I created Milk & Twee as an outlet for my love of adorable, vintage-inspired fashion from various decades and it’s slowly turning into something much more than that.
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