Visual Inspiration // Harry Potter // The Serpent

I always love making my visual inspiration posts, so I thought that it might be fun to make a series of them themed specifically around the Harry Potter houses! Of course I had to start with my house, Slytherin. I’ve been really loving the old-fashioned, creepy vibe that can represent Slytherin, so I thought that I could share some of it with you!

Visual Inspiration Harry Potter The Serpent


collage 1

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Visual Inspiration: Spring Has Sprung

Last time I made one of these posts, you guys seemed to really enjoy it, and I had a lot of fun making it, so I thought that I’d put together another one! After having months and months of winter, it’s finally starting to feel like spring here, so my picks are pretty heavily influenced by the season. I tried to keep them light, with lots of pastel colours. I hope you enjoy!

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Visual Inspiration- Cold & Classy


I used to make inspiration posts like this all the time, but I haven’t in quite a while. I’ve been using Pinterest a lot lately, though, and it inspired me to compile some of my favourite images together into one big post. I tried to stick with somewhat of a theme, though, and I noticed that a lot of my picks were cold and classy.
I hope that you enjoy posts like this! If you want to see more like this, then feel free to follow me on my Pinterest.

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